Sunday, April 1, 2012

Polka Dot Cutie Top

Easy Stitch n' Save Pattern by McCalls M6009

I bought this pattern for sizes 7 - 14 and really planned to make the size 7 as a dress for Lily. Some how I forgot to cut it down an ended up making the size 14...ha! Oh well - Middle grand - Brooklyn - will have a dress or top - not sure which just yet! I am thinking it will still work as a dress with leggings. If not, then a top with capris. I actually tried it on and it fits me, too. I may have to cut it down a little more to fit Brooklyn. I don't think my oldest grand - Alayna - would wear it. (she is a bit of a tomboy)
I still have fabric left so I am going to try to make one for Lily - if not, then I am going to buy another yard. I would like to have their pictures taken this summer with them both wearing something I made for them.  I think this would be perfect.
Here is the actual top/dress - whichever it turns out to be. It was fun and easy to make.

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