Friday, November 15, 2013

Burlap Canvas Letter Wall Hanging

Items needed: Canvas
                        Wooden letter
                        Hot glue gun

You can make this whatever size you want but I wanted pretty large. Of course you would choose the letter size accordingly. I had rolls of burlap so I layered mine and stapled it to the canvas giving it a nice affect. I hand painted the wooden letter solid black and hot glued it in the center. Since this is going in my newly redecorated bathroom, I kept with my monogram, burlap, black and white theme. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Burlap Themed Handtowels

I am in the process  of redecorating  Brad's bathroom once again. As of now it is black and white with monogram.  I am keeping the monogram and white but adding burlap and light brown or off white.
We still have to paint the walls white so in the meantime I am making or buying the things I need to decorate.
I made these pretty hand towels today. They are actually canvas napkins from Hobby Lobby. I sewed the burlap ribbon on and hot glued the leather G in the center. I added the jute as a finishing touch.

Right now I show them with white/black towels, but I will buy bath towels the color of the burlap once I am ready to hang them for good. 
All items are from Hobby Lobby

Monday, September 23, 2013

DIY Cute Bulletin Board Pins

I was all over Ebay, Etsy and Amazon looking for some cute push pins or tacks for my new bulletin board I just added to my office. I could not see paying what they were asking for a lot of the pins, no matter how cute they were. I decided to make my own. 
With a little hot glue and some pretty buttons - 12 plain tacks gave me just what I wanted.

This is just a plain cork bulletin board from Hobby Lobby and I added the cork" P" for Pamela in the center. I may still paint the trim - I haven't decided. My office is mainly black and white so I thought these little button tacks did the trick. I just stuck the extras that I wasn't using in the P for safe keeping.

Friday, September 6, 2013

Owl Door Stop

I needed a door stop at work for a little room that is right behind me that I keep files in - usually I just prop it with  whatever is handy. This new school year since I was kind of redoing my office anyway - I thought I would make a door stop that would actually look nice.
I found this votive candle holder at Hobby Lobby in the Fall Section and everything was 40% off - it was actually orange to begin with but I spray painted it black. I bought some of the large glass stones at Hobby Lobby for less than $2 with my 40% coupon and just hot glued them on - which serves 2 purposes - making it heavy enough to hold the door open and covering the area that was supposed to hold a votive candle. 
I think it turned out really cute! 



Thursday, June 13, 2013

The Life of a Coach's Wife!: EASY GIVEAWAY!


Tuesday, June 11, 2013

WallPapering the Non Traditional Way

This is a creative alternative to traditional wallpapering. It is inexpensive, fun and very quick! Everything you need is listed on this page and you will be surprised just how little it all costs! I have completed 3 rooms in my own home and it definately gives a different look.
If you would like to wallpaper a room but are on a limited budget, do what I did. I bought scrapbooking paper (when it was on sale at Hobby Lobby) and then cut the individual sheets in various shapes. The cool thing is you can use just a couple of different designs or really go crazy and use as many as you want. In my bathroom (which is pretty big) I used about 12 different designs. In my spare bedrooms, I used only 3 designs. It is fun and easy to do and you can do this all by yourself and it takes very little time. You can't mess it up!
You will need:
Scrapbooking sheets
Elmer's Glue
A large pan ( I use a plastic paint pan)
small paint brush
hand towels
Ok...when you are ready you will make a paste with the Elmer's glue. I just buy the biggest bottles I can find and pour it into the pan and then fill the bottle not quite half full with water and mix with the glue. You want it to be about pancake batter consistency. (I also buy the glue using Hobby Lobby coupons that are printable from their home page. They are usually 40%)After you have cut your sheets of paper and have them in piles by design, just start dipping them into the pan of paint to get them wet on both sides. I use the paint brush to help wipe off the excess. You want them to be nice and wet but not glue just running off of them. Place the paper directly on the wall and smooth it out with a damp hand towel. Just keep repeating the process. You don't have to have any certain method of placing them. You can fill in where you need to. When it dries, it dries clear.You should put down sheets to keep it from dripping on the floor because it can get messy.This is such a fun project and Hobby Lobby runs these sheets at 4 for $1 about once per month. You can border a room for about $15 (average room) You can paper an entire room in no time at all and so much cheaper than traditional wallpaper.You can put these right on top of old wallpaper or paint. No worries with having to remove old paper beforehand!
Scrapbooking sheets are 12 x 12 but they also make a smaller size that is 11 1/2 x 8 which is less expensive to start with. The great thing is being able to mix and match colors and designs. I just finished my 3rd computer room. Total cost was $19 for scrapbooking squares plus cost of glue. I bought the squares at Hobby Lobby (4 for $1) and I used a 40% coupon for my glue.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

It's Me Again.........Pamela: Time For A GiveAway!

It's Me Again.........Pamela: Time For A GiveAway!: I took a break from my Giveaways - but now I am ready to get back with it again! My first GiveAway for the year!  A Gift Card to Starb...

Sunday, May 12, 2013

My Awesome Thrift Store Weekend Find

I was actually looking for yellow knick knacks this weekend since I changed the decor in my Master Bed & Bath  but what I found (or I should say hubby found) was this awesome file cabinet. It was the typical gray color - but not a scratch or dent on it. It was a whole $5.99 AND THEN 30% off! Whatta bargain, right?

We brought it right home - gave it a nice metal spray paint job - and there you have it.

I love it! 

Friday, May 3, 2013

It's Me Again.........Pamela: My Music Room (makeover)

It's Me Again.........Pamela: My Music Room (makeover): Our old computer/Aquarium/Music Room is getting a makeover. Since we no longer have all the aquariums -  and we sold both of our desks, chai...

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Gift Bags for Brunch

My church is hosting a Mother/Daughter/Friend Brunch April 27th and I am  hosting a table. The theme is black, white and shades of pink. I have everything ready for my table and just finished the gift bags. There will be 8 to a table.
Lifesaver mints
Zebra pen
Pink net bag with Hershey kisses
Small journal

I found the little journals on clearance at Hobby Lobby and what made them so perfect is the scripture on front. Our theme for the year at church is Walking in Wisdom. It would have been even more perfect had they been black, white or pink - but oh well - I was happy to find them.

On the outside of the bag I am attaching paper mache zebra print butterflies. I found these on clearance as well.
I bought the little stick on clear rhinestones and added them to the black bags.

It is going to be a fun brunch - the entire gym will be covered in black, white and pink. I can't wait to see everyone else's tables!

Here are the table items I am using.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Canvas Musical Cuties

Items used - scrapbook paper, $1 canvas from Target, Alphabet stickers, Mod Podge, various stickers

Results: I used Mod Podge to glue every thing on the canvas and then added a layer over it all for good measure.

I have turned our computer room into a music room where we have our guitars. The theme is black and white musical notes for the most part.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

My Winnings From

I finally received my $25 gift certificate from that I won with my feature in Sew News! Yea!! It didn't take long to spend it I knew I wanted to buy yarn since I am crocheting scarves for the nursing home as part of the ministry with my church. I was only able to get 5 skeins for just under the $25 since shipping and handling took up almost $7! 

I ordered 2 skeins of  purple mist (which ended up being on backorder)
1 skein of barley
1 skein of Autumn Print
1 skein of Rose Mist

I am pretty pleased with my order and it will be nice to have 5 "free" scarves to add to the mix.
All are Lion Brand.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

I was featured in Sew News!

So ok - it was actually a little sewing blooper feature in the Last Laugh section, but I won a $25 gift certificate to
I received my letter in the mail today along with the gift certificate. Now how cool is that?

It was the October /November 2012 issue. Pretty exciting!!

The story is about when I made my first dress and wore it to work for the first time. It started coming apart at the seams under my arms and then I realized I had only baste stitched

Wow Wow Wednesday with This Girls Life

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

My Valentines' Gift

This is what I am making for my Valentine. I saw the idea on Pinterest - and I had already bought 6 little canvas squares at Target for $1 each a couple weeks ago, knowing I would find a use for them eventually. I bought the pretty 3D scrapbooking stickers at a local dollar store. 

So - I painted the canvas with paint I already had - since, as you can see, they are pre-printed for little kids to paint - so I needed to cover up the picture. I just laid the photo on and let it dry with the paint for a bit and then covered the whole thing with Mod Podge. I added the 3D stickers once it was dry.
I will have to touch up the paint some - I can see some of the pre-printed picture is showing through - or I may just add a little gold glitter! yea, that is an idea!

This will go in his Valentine bag along with his card, the new iPad cover I am getting him and this framed I ♥ U I also found on Pinterest.

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Valentine Wreath

Just threw this together today to have a wreath on the door.

Straw wreath - random goodies from Hobby Lobby.

I secure the ribbon with straight pins.
The finished wreath

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