Sunday, October 20, 2013

Burlap Themed Handtowels

I am in the process  of redecorating  Brad's bathroom once again. As of now it is black and white with monogram.  I am keeping the monogram and white but adding burlap and light brown or off white.
We still have to paint the walls white so in the meantime I am making or buying the things I need to decorate.
I made these pretty hand towels today. They are actually canvas napkins from Hobby Lobby. I sewed the burlap ribbon on and hot glued the leather G in the center. I added the jute as a finishing touch.

Right now I show them with white/black towels, but I will buy bath towels the color of the burlap once I am ready to hang them for good. 
All items are from Hobby Lobby

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