Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Peppermint Candy Dish (Edible)

How cute is this? It wasn't my idea - one of the students brought these in for a little Christmas gathering at school. I love it! Oh the possibilities!

One of my friends thought of using Jelly Ranchers at Easter time - I like the idea of a big cross with the pretty colors making it look mosaic or stained glass!

Anyway - I will be trying this out - with different colors of candy - different shapes - to be sure! Santa could have his cookies served on this little peppermint dish and then eat the dish, too!

You just place parchment paper down on your cookie sheet - arrange peppermints into the design and the bake at 350 degrees until they start to melt and remove - about 10 minutes. You have to watch closely! Store in a sealed bag or container.

*After posting this I checked Pinterest - and of course, they are ALL over pinterest!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Rosette Felt Grapevine Wreath

My friend, Brendel, and I worked on this wreath this evening. Between the 2 of us, we knocked it out in less than 4 hours. Her daughter, Leslie, found it on Pinterest and wanted one to use in her photography shoots. I was happy to help and I think it turned out really nice! 

Here are a couple of pictures of us hard at work. I don't know how Brendel sat on that hard tile floor so long!

Brad and I with the finished product. I can't wait to see some of the photos that Leslie comes up with using the wreath!

Items needed:
felt - she bought 10 yards which was way more than we needed. You could get by easily with half of that.
glue/glue sticks
tacky glue

The actual pattern was 3 x 3 inch squares - but we made ours 5 x 5 and then trimmed into circles. You can get the true directions here.

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Fall Hostess Gift - Happy Thanksgiving Gift

Hobby Lobby already has their Fall items on sale - 80% off for some items. I bought 4 bottles of the Harvest Home Spray (which was all that was left) and thought they would make a nice little hostess gift for Thanksgiving. 
I printed off a little poem on cardstock and added a scarecrow graphic - added some autumn print ribbon - and it is ready to go!

"May the good things of life 
be yours in abundance,
not only at Thanksgiving
 but throughout the coming year."

I am giving one to my mother in law, one to my sister in law and one to the hostess - my niece.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Owl Stuffies for Christmas

3 Down and 3 to go! I am making 6 of these Owl Stuffies - I found the pattern at  Happy Hour Projects but I made mine a whole lot bigger. I always make something every year for all the GrandAngels - and this is my homemade item for this Christmas. I think they turned out pretty cute.

Really very easy to make!

Also linking up with Bloom Designs

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Simple Burlap Vase

Items needed:
Old wine bottle (or any other tall bottle)
burlap - cut into long strips

Just wrap the strips around the bottle and tie off  - trim when done. Add your favorite dried flowers or fresh!

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Gift Card in a Can

I have known about this idea for years but never made one. I needed a quick shower gift  and didn't want the standard giftcard in a card idea. 

Very quick - giftcard in a can - - - I love it and plan to make a lot of these for Christmas. I already have ideas how to fill some of these for my grandangels this year.

Scrapbook paper is perfect - you don't even have to trim very much. These particular Pringles cans do not have the "pop tab"   - these have the paper pull tabs - I will make sure I find the pop tabs for my next ones. I think they will will be more fun for the girls to open.

This one is for a wedding shower - so I embellished with 3D stickers with Bliss & Happy Life. I added a flower on top for good measure and a little bit of scrap ribbon. 

How cute would this be for a baby shower? Cute paper - lots of curled ribbon - and filled with baby socks, bibs, etc -  along with a gift card? You can stuff quite  a bit in these tall cans!

So just carefully cut out the bottom of the can with a can opener and empty out the chips - and wipe clean. I know some people hot glue the bottom back on but why bother? Just put the plastic lid on the bottom that came on top of the can!! They all come with one! Simple Simple!

Friday, September 21, 2012

Fall School Wreath

I finally finished a wreath for my office at school. I like the look of a grapevine wreath in the fall more so than the straw. I bought the foam BJH letters at Walmart and then painted them black and topped them with some gold glitter paint. (Have you guessed that our school colors are black and gold yet?)
I already had gold tulle so just wrapped what I had around the wreath. I also had football themed fabric left over from a previous project so made some giant rosettes and added gold/black footballs from Hobby Lobby (homecoming corsage items) along with te cheerleader and football players. I didn't really have anything for the biggst rosette and didn't want to add another football so I had a lid that I just painted black and hot glued it in the center like a flower center.
I have had tons of compliments on it. It looks much better in person.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Winner - $15 giftcard Hobby Lobby



Please send an e-mail to with your full name and address within 48 hours to claim you giftcard.

thanks to all who entered~

Thursday, September 13, 2012

From Yardsale Junk to My Wall Treasure

I found this at a yard sale a few weeks ago and bought it for 50 cents. At the time I had no idea why - I just wanted it and knew I would find some use for it eventually. It was pretty scarred but had no chips or cracks. It is actually made of plastic and the letters are raised. I know it looks ceramic in the photo. (*I wish it was!) Plus it matched no decor in my house.

I tried to stain it - and that was an epic fail. I decided to just paint the whole thing black - and I love it! I was going to take some white paint and go over the letters but I decided I like it just the way it is.

I know it is hard to read it in this photo - but not in person - just click on the picture to enlarge it and you can see it better. Now it fits right in with my black and red decor!

Thursday, September 6, 2012

Pumpkin Ribbon & Tulle Wreath

Black and Orange Tulle - I left the orange heavier than the black.
Pumpkin print fabric - that I tore into long strips and then tied randomly into the black tulle and then trimmed. Candy Corn ribbon hanger.

Monday, September 3, 2012

Pay It Forward - Handmade Gifts - Join the Fun!

Pay It Forward - with Handmade Gifts

The amazing Alicia from All The Pretty Things posted about a marvelous blog game to play that involves "Paying it Forward".

Here’s How It Works:

I’ll send a surprise gift to the first three commenters on this blog post. The gift will be a handmade surprise by me and will be sent to you some time in the next 365 days - both the gift and the time you receive it will be a surprise :)

Here’s what you need to do, leave me a comment and make sure you include your email address (if your profile doesn’t include it). I’ll email you for your snail mail address and a ask a few questions (likes/dislikes, favourite colors, etc.).

To complete signing up you MUST play along too. To do this you must blog a similar post and pledge to make a surprise gift for the first three people who comment on it.

So, do you want to play? Comment below and I’ll sent a thoughtful handmade gift to the first three people who do.

So let's have some fun!

xoxoxo Pamela

Sunday, September 2, 2012

300 Follower Giveaway - Hobby Lobby Gift Card

Whoo Hoo for 300 Followers!!

I hadn't planned on doing a Giveaway for my crafting/sewing blog - but why not?
No reason not to, right? There are now 300 + followers - I think that calls for a celebration!

So ---I think a Hobby Lobby giftcard would be appropriate.

Check out the Rafflecopter to your right and sign yourself up. Drawing will be Sept. 15th. The winner will receive a $15 giftcard. Who wouldn't love that? I won one a couple of weeks ago and I was tickled pink!

Now here is the good news -

IF the winner is picked from the option of making a purchase from

Pamela2Heaven Etsy Shop  then that winner will receive DOUBLE the gift card amount ($30).

So - Good Luck all and thanks again for helping me reach 300 on this baby!

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Owl Fall Wreath

Spur of the Moment idea - straw wreath covered in burlap ribbon - raffia pieces cut and tied around the wreath and hot glued the sunflowers and felt owl pieces to complete it.
(everything from Hobby Lobby while fall items on sale for 40% off- total cost - $10.)

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Simple Simple Vase for the Office

I decided I am going to try to keep fresh flowers on my desk at work as often as I can this school year - so here is the pretty little vase I made last night. You know how I love Starbucks Frappuchino bottle!
I just spray painted a tall one white - added a black and white ribbon that matches the decor in my office - (I have this ribbon around my bulletin board) added a string of stick on beads and a gold letter G.
I will cut some of my roses before I leave for work this morning but for now I added a couple of stalks of bamboo to show it off.

These are the roses I have blooming right now in my flower beds. I cut these last week and they lasted all week.

Monday, August 20, 2012

From Dress to Skirt in 0.5

I have several dresses that I can no longer wear due to just a wee bit of weight gain (basically at the top) :-(
I decided to just make skirts out of them. Here is one I finished tonight - I also had enough to make a necklace scarf to match.
I love the fabric print - but it had a bodice that just screamed "look at me" and I had to wear something under it PLUS a shrug and I still felt subconcious in it. I love Maxi skirts just as much as dresses so this is a winner now!

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Drop Leaf Table Redo

I have been looking for a drop leaf table ever since I sold my Parsons Bench and today I finally found one at the local Antique Craft Mall. Can you believe it is even painted the color I already had in mind to match my sewing/craft room? They had an asking price of $125 but I was adament that I wouldn't pay more than $75 and I walked out the door with it!

Now with a fresh coat of paint - it is PERFECT!
I love it!

Friday, August 17, 2012

Our Vows

These are our vows word for word - that I typed up and framed and gave to my husband on one of our anniversaries. It is hard to believe we just celebrated our 13th anniversary. We have this hanging up in our bedroom.

 Our engagement picture
Our wedding

My crazy man

Friday, August 10, 2012

Jumbo Paperclips Redo

I had these 2 jumbo paperclips that have been in my work desk drawer forever. The country apple and strawberry look just aren't my style - so I just never really used them. Someone must have given them to me.
I trimmed around them until they were just small plastic circles so I would still have something to glue on to. The first one actually has a piece that is supposed to be used on a headband. My office is black and white theme - so I really like this one. The 2nd one is just a 3D scrapbook sticker. I am going to put it in whatever book I happen to be reading at home. (which is on rare occasion since I mostly read from my Nook Color. I just used hot glue to put them on.

Simple - but now they are something that I will actually use.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Denim Bible Cover - good as new!

We went to a few garage sales this weekend and one of the things I found was a very battered NIV Study Bible for 50 cents. It was a little sad to see someone selling a bible at a garage sale - but I saw it as a little challenge to make it nice again and put it to use. The inside was fine - thankfully!

A little scrap fabric and a hot glue gun and it is good as new. 
Denim, Cotton, burlap, metal cross -and a monogram G ribbon for bookmark. I sewed the pocket to the denim - other than that - everything is hot glued. 

♥My mission now is to find other unwanted bibles so they can be revamped like this one and given to people who might benefit from them. ♥

This one I plan to keep for Wednesday night bible study so I added my initials with iron on letters.

Marvelous Monday - Link Up

I am happy to be co-hosting with Julie at Jam's Corner - as well as with a couple of other fab bloggers. I hope you will join in - take a few moments and check out some of the projects that have been going on this week. 
                xoxox Pamela xxoxo

Friday, August 3, 2012

Hand Painted Tee Shirt

My friend's granddaughter turns 3 years old this month and I wanted to paint her a tee shirt with a scripture on it. Philippians 4:13 happens to be my favorite scripture and one I quote in my head quite often.

I used to be so good at drawing and painting but I just don't do it much any more and so I'm not as good as I used to be. The good thing about doing stick figures is you don't really have to be good. Anyone can draw a stick figure!

Sunday, July 29, 2012

Tissue Flowers

Have you ever made flowers from tissue?
They are very simple to made.

All you need is tissue paper and a little piece of wire.
First - - - Layer your tissue paper - for these 2  - I pulled the tissue paper straight out of the pack which was 9 sheets - a mixture of lime green and hot pink. I didn't want to use all of the package so I cut a width of about 9 inches. I then folded it over and cut in half so I could make 2 flowers.

Start folding accordian style - about an inch wide. Fold over and secure with wire.
Carefully start separating the tissues and fluff into a pretty flower.

Friday, July 27, 2012

Little Wooden Trinket Box

Items used for trinket box:
Wooden box - purchased from Michaels - $1.00
Glitter Paint/Acrylic Paint
Wooden alpha - 29 cents - L is for Lily
Stickers - Dollar Store
Embellishment - I used some little rhinestones 


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Thursday, July 26, 2012

And The Sunshine Award Goes To...

 I had a wonderful e-mail today from Bev who blogs at Creative Lady of the House 
letting me know that she  nominated my blog for the Sunshine Award. Thank you, Bev - that was so sweet of you!
Now as a nominee - here are the simple rules.

First, you should thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them.

Next, answer the following questions about yourself.

Then, choose 10 of your favorite bloggers and link their blogs to your post.

Be sure to let them know that you are nominating them for the award.

Last, be sure to copy and paste the award to your blog!

OK, here we go!

1. Favorite color- Red

2. Favorite animal - I love all animals - but my favorite is pretty much any toy breed of dog.

3. Favorite number - 76

4. Favorite Drink - Diet Coke

5. Facebook or Twitter- Facebook, although I do Twitter.

6. Good book or good movie- Good movie

7. My passion - I would love to have a toy breed dog shelter - to be able to save as many abused or unwanted dogs as I could.

8. Giving or getting gifts- Giving - people tell me I have the gift of giving all the time.

9. Favorite day- Sunday - going to church - going out to eat - relaxing at home afterwards.

10. Favorite flower - I love them all! Yellow Rose would probably be my first choice.

Now that you know a little bit more about me, it is time to discover more about 10 other great bloggers!!

Here are my 10 nominees for the Sunshine Award:

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