Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cute GrandAngel Picture Hanger

I bought these cute little Photo frame Christmas ornaments about 3 years ago and this year decided to do something with them instead of hanging them on the tree.

Brad is always wanting to make something so he can use his DeWalt tools and I asked him if he would make something where I could display the little photos. Of course he jumped on that opportunity and this wood piece is what he came up with. (I have no idea why that design but apparently it called for using a tool he doesn't get enough opportunities to use)

The reason the one photo is whited out is because she is our little grandangel that is being adopted and until all the legal parts of it are worked out - I cannot disclose her name or her picture. I can't wait until I get my legal bragging rights! 

So I just hung each photo in order of birth on pegs and then had a friend write the names using a paint pen in gold/silver. 

I think it turned out really cute and have it on my bedroom wall.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Lollipop Ponytail Holder Combo

This is too simple and very cute. I made this for my granddaughter who is 8 years old and she loved it. Of course she couldn't get the ponytail holders off fast enough.

one large lollipop
1 - 2 packages of ponytail holders

I didn't take pictures of the steps since it is so easy and self explanatory, but here is what it should look like and the link where I found it.


Friday, September 26, 2014

Upcycle Ceiling Fan Blades to Wall Hanging

Recently our ceiling fan went out in our living room and after replacing it I told my husband DO NOT throw those blades away! I didn't know what I could do with them but I knew something would come to me. I googled crafts from fan blades and all I could find were giant dragonflies made from them for outdoor decorations and I knew I didn't want anything like that.

So - this is what I came up with and I love it!

I removed the brass hardware that was attached which left 3 holes on each blade.
I spray painted with chalkboard paint.
I ran ribbon through the holes so they would be hung on the wall. Then I embellished!

Here is the results of one:

This one hangs in my office at work - which happens to be a school.

Monday, January 20, 2014

New Makeover For My Sewing/Craft Room

I stood in the middle of my sewing/craft room last week just looking around and just like that, I decided to change color schemes. If you know me at all, you know when I make my mind up - it is a done deal. So Friday I went to Hobby Lobby and picked out my fabrics (3 different patterns), spray paints (4 different shades) and a few odds and ends I thought I might need. Then I got busy on Saturday and Sunday. Since I am off today for Teacher In-service - I can do a little more today.

Here are a couple of before pictures - 
I no longer have this bench

Here are after pictures
 Isn't this metal sign cute? It is from Hobby Lobby.
Baskets were painted, all new valances.

Yes, I could kick myself - I cut the chevron fabric the wrong way! I will have to redo those 2 valances.

Painted the rocker chair yellow (it was aqua) Painted shelf gray (it was dark brown) Still have those 2 pillows to cover in the fabric that is laying on them. The big rug will have to go.
Painted the little table (was dark brown) Painted the little metal chair (was aqua)

I love all the glass jars. (Hobby Lobby) I have decorated some with chevron burlap ribbon. 
 I still have a big shelf to put back up (it is still drying - painted gray (was white) and I need new indoor/outdoor carpet and rugs. Right now it is dark blue. I would like shades of gray. This was originally a Sunroom - and we enclosed it about a year ago. I still have a few plants I keep in there. The big cabinet in the before pictures will stay white/black but with yellow knobs. 

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Old Guitar Into Shelves

I actually saw this in a magazine while I was waiting to get my hair cut one day and stored it in my memory bank. When I got home I checked Pinterest and found several links where other people had made them, so it is nothing new. 
 I finally remembered to tell my husband about it and we have been on the hunt for old acoustic guitars since. We have searched thrift stores and put an add on Craigslist - but have yet to find one at a reasonable price. Soo - we did run across this children's guitar and decided to make one out of it just as  a practice run. 

As you can see - we carefully took off the entire face - and then made shelves from a scrap wood he had in his shop. It looks pretty rustic - and it did not want to hold the paint at all - since it was lacquer paint to begin with - but we didn't put a lot into painting it - since we didn't plan to use it for anything when it was done. However, I kinda like how it turned out and decided to hang it up in the music room anyway. Just have to add a bracket for hanging and it is ready to go. 

Below is a picture of the guitar before:

Friday, November 15, 2013

Burlap Canvas Letter Wall Hanging

Items needed: Canvas
                        Wooden letter
                        Hot glue gun

You can make this whatever size you want but I wanted pretty large. Of course you would choose the letter size accordingly. I had rolls of burlap so I layered mine and stapled it to the canvas giving it a nice affect. I hand painted the wooden letter solid black and hot glued it in the center. Since this is going in my newly redecorated bathroom, I kept with my monogram, burlap, black and white theme. 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Burlap Themed Handtowels

I am in the process  of redecorating  Brad's bathroom once again. As of now it is black and white with monogram.  I am keeping the monogram and white but adding burlap and light brown or off white.
We still have to paint the walls white so in the meantime I am making or buying the things I need to decorate.
I made these pretty hand towels today. They are actually canvas napkins from Hobby Lobby. I sewed the burlap ribbon on and hot glued the leather G in the center. I added the jute as a finishing touch.

Right now I show them with white/black towels, but I will buy bath towels the color of the burlap once I am ready to hang them for good. 
All items are from Hobby Lobby