Sunday, January 19, 2014

Old Guitar Into Shelves

I actually saw this in a magazine while I was waiting to get my hair cut one day and stored it in my memory bank. When I got home I checked Pinterest and found several links where other people had made them, so it is nothing new. 
 I finally remembered to tell my husband about it and we have been on the hunt for old acoustic guitars since. We have searched thrift stores and put an add on Craigslist - but have yet to find one at a reasonable price. Soo - we did run across this children's guitar and decided to make one out of it just as  a practice run. 

As you can see - we carefully took off the entire face - and then made shelves from a scrap wood he had in his shop. It looks pretty rustic - and it did not want to hold the paint at all - since it was lacquer paint to begin with - but we didn't put a lot into painting it - since we didn't plan to use it for anything when it was done. However, I kinda like how it turned out and decided to hang it up in the music room anyway. Just have to add a bracket for hanging and it is ready to go. 

Below is a picture of the guitar before:

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