Thursday, May 31, 2012

First Baby Shower Package Arrived!

I was so tickled to open the package I received today and find a beautiful hand crochet baby afghan. It is the first package to arrive for the Star of Hope Baby Shower that I blogged about HERE.

This sweet afghan was made by Priscilla who blogs at Thrifty Crafty Girl.
Some sweet baby is going to look adorable wrapped in your blankie!

There is still plenty of time to get your handmade donations in. (June 15th is the deadline)
Just shoot me an e-mail at and let me know what you would like to donate and I will send you my address. I will feature your baby shower gift here at Sew Much Class. Item should be handmade - and new.  I will take a final photo of all items and they will be presented to Star of Hope Women's Shelter.

Thanks so much, Priscilla!! Well done!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Bloglovin' Blog Hop for April

If you're looking for Whimsy Wednesdays you can find it here.


I have the honor of co-hosting a Bloglovin' Blog Hop with Cari and Courtnee from Two Sasters, Amy from While Wearing HeelsJenny from Modern Modest Beauty
  The wonderful hostess? - none other than
  Jenny from The NY Melrose Family.

What's Bloglovin' you ask?  Well, only the greatest way to keep track of the blogs that you love.  With the discontinuation of Google Friends Connect, I decided that I needed to find another way to keep up with all of my favorite blogs that are not hosted by blogger.  I signed up for Linky Followers and I've had great success with gaining new followers, but I’m finding I don’t get any traffic to my site from Linky.  I also do not enjoy reading my favorite blogs from there.  I stumbled upon Bloglovin' and I am in love!  It is very similar to Google Reader, in that you can see the beginning of the post and the first picture attached to the post.  Plus, Bloglovin' automatically updates your posts, unlike Linky Followers, which you have to manually update each time you write a new post.  I don't know about you, but I just don't have the time to do that every time.  Another added bonus is there is a Bloglovin' application for IPhone and Android devices.  Woohoo!  Like I don't spend enough time reading blogs.  Now it's a simple touch.  Love it!

***These are the complete instructions for sign up, so skip to the rules if you already have Bloglovin'***
In order to participate in this hop you need to sign up for Bloglovin’.  Go to Bloglovin'.   Hit the green sign up button in the right hand corner.  Next enter an email address and create your password.  You will get a confirmation eamil that you will need to follow a link back to Bloglovin' to continue the process.  Once you click on the link you will be brought to a page where it says to choose blogs to follow.  You don't need to do this.  Click next in the bottom right hand corner.  The next screen let’s you know about the mobile app so just click next again.  This screen will show that you are not following any blogs.  Click on Account in the upper right hand corner and toggle down to widget.  Choose the widget you want displayed on your page.  Put your url into the search query and it should pull up your site.  Click on your site and it will say display this icon.  The next page should bring you to a screen that has you display it into your layout.   Once you hit publish you’re done!  If you view your blog you should see the icon and now your followers can add you to their Bloglovin’ feed.  Seriously, so simple.  So let’s get to the blog hop.  This is a party so make sure to have some fun and mingle.

 There’s only a couple of rules:
1.       Please follow your host – The NY Melrose Family 
Your co-hosts Two Sasters, While Wearing Heels, Modern Modest Beauty and Sew Much Class.
2.      Add Bloglovin' to your blog.
3.      Post our button for the blog hop on your page to promote the fun.



If you're interested in cohosting next month shoot Jenny an email at  Alright, so let's have some fun and mingle!

Thanks Ya'll, Pamela

Monday, May 28, 2012

Where Have All The Pretty Little Nails Gone?

My nails are one big mess~! I have always had such long pretty nails - but since I now take guitar lessons - I just can't have them long. :-( I have callouses!! and those are necessary - believe me!! So I won't be having my usual manicures for a little while.

So I decided to try to do something with them to make them look a little better.
I started with a coat of orange juicy glo by Milani.

Then using L.A. Colors Art Deco Sea Foam Green - I just added a little design to them to add to the distraction from how pitiful they really look.

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Happy 50th Money Tree

Money Trees are kind of the old fashioned gift cards of today.
I still love them.

This one was made for my parents 50th anniversary.
Items Needed:

Tree Branch
Planter filled with rocks
Spray paint
Tissue paper

Rocks were spray painted black
Tree Branch was spray painted white
White tissue paper around planter with gold ribbon

50  - $1 bills folded accordian style and tied onto branch with gold ribbon.
That is is!

I made one for a 50th birthday one time and bought a rose bush to tie the dollar bills on - 2 gifts in one!

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Upcycle Ugly Insulated Bag

I attended a workshop last year and they gave us these ugly insulated bags - although they came with lots of fun goodies. When I got home I just threw mine in the closet and forgot about it. I ran across it again today and was about to toss it when  I realized it really is a pretty good bag - just ugly.
I cut some fabric using pinking shears and glued it to the canvas pocket with fabric glue and then added ribbon. Looks much better now!

Monogram Wall Hanging

I just added this to my etsy shop.
$15 + $3.25 s/h
8 x 12

Friday, May 18, 2012

DIY Guitar Pick Travel Case

I needed something to keep some of my guitar picks in  - the ones I actually use.  I wanted something handy that I could slide in my purse or guitar case and wouldn't have loose picks all over the place.

This is what I made tonight.

Items I used to make it:
Empty CD case
scrapbook paper
glue/glue sticks

I am thinking it is pretty much self explanitory - but just in case ---

Cut 2 pieces of scrapbook paper to fit the CD case. Slide them in - you don't even need glue for this part - they stay in just fine.
Cut a piece of felt to fit inside and make little slits just big enough to slide the pointed part of the pick into. Glue the felt inside the case. Slide your picks in.

That is all there is to it. Handy dandy guitar pick case.
I have a collection started of what I call "my cool picks" that I don't really use. My husband is working on a display of some kind so as soon as it is done - I will share that, too.

Back To School Supplies in a Bottle

I've seen this done with baby items, birthday items, etc. I thought I would put a "back to school" spin on it.

Items needed:
Empty - clean & dry 2 liter soda bottle.
school supplies (I used crayons, colored pencils, scissors, pencil bag, pencils, glue stick, ruler)
Fun items (I used rubber band bracelets, Hello Kitty stickers)
Ribbon or Tulle

Once the bottle is clean and dry - make a long slit down the bottle. Place supplies inside making sure the most colorful sides of the packages are towards the outside.
Tie a big bow around the bottle - I chose to use different colors of tulle and made several bows. I also added some Hello Kitty stickers to the outside of the bottle.

I didn't have a card handy - but before I would give it as a gift I would add a card/giftcard inside as well.

This would make a pretty neat graduation gift, too - with pens, small notebooks, gift card to a bookstore or the graduates favorite store - maybe some gum or candy.
Use school colors for the bows.

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Baby Shower Donations - Star of Hope

I bought this little white diaper cover at Hobby Lobby and put this adorable iron on transfer on them. The headband is a premade crochet band also from Hobby Lobby with a clip on feather - makes a really sweet set.
These will be donated to Star of Hope Womens Shelter - to participate GO HERE

Simple dress - 18 Minutes from Start to Finish (Video Included)

This is a Youtube video I did showing how to make a girls dress from tee shirt and fabric. I have made several of these now for my youngest granddaughter.

Lily wearing the 18 minute dress

Saturday, May 12, 2012

Operation Comfort Doll Project - Review & Plan to Do!

I subscribe to a magazine called SEW NEWS and I have been reading about Operation Comfort Dolls with each issue.
This is what it says:
"Use your sewing talents to help domestic abuse victims by participating in the Operation Comfort Doll project. To date, over 800 dolls have been received from Sew News readers, and we would love to double that number by the end of the year.
Find free instructions and templates to make a simple comfort doll at . I just printed them off for myself.
The featured dolls only take 20 minutes each to complete. Choose from several skin, dress and hair color variations to make a doll that's truly unique. The more dolls the Comfort Doll project receives, the more women they can help!"

You are to send your completed comfort dolls to:
Brenda Hutchings
Sew Nes Operation Comfort Doll
303 McKinley St.
Valparaiso, IN 46383

There is also a Comfort Doll Project Blog at
in which I am now a follower.
I think this is a very worthy cause - and I hope this will inspire you to make a doll or two as I plan to do.

Royal Daughters Designs 30 Day Birthday Giveaway -Betsey Johnson Earrings

Be sure and check out

Birthday Party Giveaway Betsey Johnson Purple Feathered Owl Earrings

This is the one I am sponsoring and they are way more prettier in person!

Good Luck!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Teacher Appreciation - Animal Crackers

My Counseling Group - 2 counselors and myself - decided to do our own little appreciation for all of our teachers for Teacher Appreciation. We bought 2 huge 36 count boxes of Animal Crackers from Sam's and I made these cute little cards to attach to each package. We try to come up with something different each year that is within our budget since we have about 46 teachers on staff at our junior high.
I just used regular computer paper and I used a blank template in Publisher - found a black and white printable, but since I have Paint Shop Pro - I filled it in with some color.
It is a small token of appreciation - kind of corny, maybe - but we think they will like the idea.

If you would like the printable - go here

Linking up to I gotta create

Monday, May 7, 2012

Baby Shower Linky Party Star of Hope

After making a couple of baby blankets, pillows and bibs for the Youth for Christ "baby shower" for Star of Hope (a women's shelter) I decided I wanted to take this one step further and open this up for all you wonderful creative seamstress and crafty peeps out there in bloggyland.

Here is what I am asking of you...

Donate at least 1 item that you make yourself - blanket, pillow, bib, diaper cover, onesie, diaper bag, booties, hat, etc.
If you would like to participate - e-mail me at and I will send you the address to send your shower gift donation. Help me make this a great success and reach out to these women who need to know someone cares.
 Learn more about the Star of Hope here

I will be accepting donations until June 15th. Thank you in advance~

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Baby Blankets - Winnie the Pooh - Boyds Bears - Bibs & Pillows

I found this quilt piece in the bargain bin at Walmart for $2 and I already had a huge piece of brown fleece so I cut them the same size - pinned right sides together and then just sewed around them. Our school is doing a baby shower for a women's shelter so I was looking for things I could make and this is one of them.
I hope some one gets it that really needs it and loves Winnie the Pooh.

I also made this Boyds Bears blanket (same instructions as the Pooh) cute bunny bib and 2 little ABC pillows. I will try to make a few more bibs tomorrow. It is just a simple pattern that I found at Walmart and can be made in less than 30 minutes.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Rainbows & Butterflies Wreath

I am really getting into these tulle wreaths. They are easy to make - such a variety of colors - and endless ways to embellish them.
Every thing came from Hobby Lobby - I pretty much bought all the butterflies - which were a new item. They were less than $2 each so even without being on sale they were inexpensive. I am also making a red and purple wreath for my mom (she is a Red Hat Queen) and so I bought lavender butterflies for hers.

Instructions are simple:
Cut strips of tulle - I cut about 12 inches - depending on the size wreath - you can always trim later when all are tied on - double tie them onto your wreath - I just put mine on random - add whatever embellishments you like.

*Optional - I wrap a satin ribbon around the wreath first - it makes them slide easier if you use a straw wreath. Then you can tie a bunch on and slide them around to bunch them up tighter.