Thursday, January 15, 2015

Cute GrandAngel Picture Hanger

I bought these cute little Photo frame Christmas ornaments about 3 years ago and this year decided to do something with them instead of hanging them on the tree.

Brad is always wanting to make something so he can use his DeWalt tools and I asked him if he would make something where I could display the little photos. Of course he jumped on that opportunity and this wood piece is what he came up with. (I have no idea why that design but apparently it called for using a tool he doesn't get enough opportunities to use)

The reason the one photo is whited out is because she is our little grandangel that is being adopted and until all the legal parts of it are worked out - I cannot disclose her name or her picture. I can't wait until I get my legal bragging rights! 

So I just hung each photo in order of birth on pegs and then had a friend write the names using a paint pen in gold/silver. 

I think it turned out really cute and have it on my bedroom wall.

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