Sunday, March 11, 2012

Somebunny Thinks I'm Special!

I always put together Easter baskets for the grandangels I get to see at Easter time, but this year I decided to make these cute wall hangings. I think they turned out great! I made 6 and each one is a different color.

Items needed:
fabric (I used a seasonal Easter print)
glue stick
felt 3D flower embellishments
11 x 14 frames
fuzzy yarn
hot glue gun/sticks

I typed the cute saying using 72 font on cardstock. I cut out one bunny from the fabric for each one. I covered the frame back with the fabric and then glued the cardstock in the center. I used the glue for the ribbon but the flowers were self adhesive. After framing I used hotglue to glue the fuzzy yarn to the outside of the frame.

I will be taking them to the 4 I will be seeing this next week and mailing the other 2 soon.

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