Saturday, March 3, 2012

Dolly clothes from my clothes

I bought this cute Berenguer doll a couple of years ago when I "thought" I was going to learn to make Reborn Dolls - but I never got around to it - so I decided I would give it to Lily this summer to play with when she comes for a summer visit. I needed to make her some clothes since she was naked - so I decided to make her some from a sweater I no longer wear. I made her some leg warmers and a little dress. I had some pink fleece so I made her a diaper, too. Everything was made from the sleeves of the sweater.
We have these really nice sturdy cardboard "cases" that school supplies come in at work and I brought 2 home several months ago and decorated them for myself just to put odds and ends in - I am going to see if I can find another one and decorate it for her to make a doll suitcase and then make a blankie, more clothes and diapers and have a nice little baby doll set for her to play with. 
Here is one of my cases that I decorated.

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