Sunday, February 19, 2012

My Dolly Bargain - Now What??

Lookie this adorable little doll Christmas ornament. It was originally $8.99 (which is CRAZY - who would pay that??) but as you can see by the tag - it was on clearance for 89 cents BUT I had a 30% off coupon so I only paid like 27 cents - not only that - I bought all they had left - 10 of them! So lets see - I paid  $2.70 total for what would have cost $89.90! THAT IS INSANE!!!!!

Now - bargain aside - what the heck am I going to do with them? lol They are about 6.5 inches long and all cloth. The dress and scarf is sewn on. One thought is taking the clothes off of a few of them and making new clothes and then putting them on a wreath so they will all be different.

I would LOVE some ideas. Please leave a comment if you have any to offer!

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  1. lol I would definately change the cloths.. but after that i have no clue. I know I'm no help!


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