Friday, February 17, 2012

A Tin For Everything

I love tins. They just have so many good uses. I can open drawers in my desk both at home and work and find different size tins with paperclips, pens, buttons, just all kinds of things. I can't stand to throw one away, even the little Altoid tins. Seems like such a waste to me! For Christmas a couple of years ago my I bought my husband this little Chaps tin that held small bottles of cologne. It has been in one of the bathroom drawers all this time. Tonight I decided to do something with it. Since I still have fabric left over from decorating my new sewing/craft room - I decided to use some of it and then I could just use the tin for something like thread, buttons or some other sewing notions. I just hot glued a piece of fabric to the top of the lid, added some ric rac and ribbon. I had these pretty flat stones that seemed to match perfectly so piled them on top with hot glue.
Now it is beautiful little tin and fits in perfectly with all my other pretties in my sewing room.


  1. Hi Pamela

    Great idea!!!! I love tins and I've so many, I'll try to do that, thanks for sharing!!! You have a fun blog!! Love your chicken's apron!
    Have a look at my blog I'll be glad.

    Hugs from Portugal

    Ana Love Craft

  2. This is so pretty. I have a Blog Hop, and I would love it if you would link this post. You can find it at
    It is called Wednesdays Adorned From Above Blog Hop.
    I hope to see you there. Have a great Day.
    Debi Bolocofsky
    Adorned From Above


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